A Clear Strategy is the Greatest Pathway
Towards Effective Creativity

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What We Do

Coach Next creates collaborative environments where leaders develop space and skills to foster the creative process

With Coach Next you will experience:

Three Key Avenues:

Creativity is a powerful tool when placed within a consistent plan. These three avenues will help guide you through the creative process from the beginning of an idea to the execution.


Forming and Leading
Your Creative Team

Creativity never happens without collaboration, especially in the church context. Fortunately, we have people around us, both on our staff and within the church community, who are just waiting to contribute in huge ways. If you are currently largely leading and creating alone, we will talk about how to get out of that grind and begin building a team that will expand your creativity and impact while saving you from crashing and burning. We will talk about the perspectives that are important to have in the room…and which need to remain outside.


How do you bring your ideas
to life over and over again.

The challenge for most of us is not to pull off that one big idea once in awhile. It is to regularly create engaging environments that go after the heart of individuals and create space for God to move. How do you find your team’s unique rhythm? What process need to be in place in order for weekends to be effective…every seven days? How do find that last 10% to take normal ideas to the next level? Our conversations, both through the coaching sessions and together as a cohort, will confront these issues and provide pathways towards consistency. In the end, we will learn how to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. 


A Real Programming process that
allows for spontaneous inspiration.

We have learned the hard way that if we are not intentional and disciplined with our planning, the weekly demands of our worship experience will crush our creativity and implode our innovation. Curiously, planning allows for the brilliant last minute idea to actually emerge and gives space for it to be implemented. Our entire job as a Creative team is to support, prepare or land the message so people can understand and respond.


Creative Elements

A couple of our recent creative pieces

Creative Cohort

Imagine the tension of cramming creative ideas into a small box each week because we all know that Sunday is coming?  You don’t need to imagine that because you live that every week.  Join us this September where leaders like you are given the space and skills to foster the creative process… AND, it happens in VEGAS!

March 3-5, 2019

How do we lead effectively with each weekend looming?
What are some key strategies to implement in your context?
How can you lead intentionally to allow for spontaneity?

Join our next Creative Cohort March 3-5, 2019 in Las Vegas!

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Hear what Chad, Matt and James have to say about their Creative Cohort experiences

Chad Brown – Lakeside Christian Church, Lakeside Park, KY

Matt Phillips – Life Baptist Church, Las Vegas, NV

James Rensink – Yucaipa Christian Church, Yucaipa, CA

Coaching Team


0e4ba398-8576-4f9f-bfd0-50cdc6e27163Lee currently serves as Executive Pastor overseeing ministry and programming at The Crossing Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the past nine years, Lee has led the creative programming process as the church has grown from 1200 to over 5000 in weekly attendance.

As a part of this process, Lee has led the way in setting the groundwork for a creative culture by building teams and processes to make sure that each weekend communicates, connects, and challenges. Lee is also involved in strategic coaching with churches from 500-5000 from around the country serving as a coach with Intentional Churches.

In addition, he also consults regularly with churches on all of their environments, discipleship pathways and various avenues of creative expression.

In his spare time, Lee loves running, reading, golf…and currently poke bowls.  He is married to Tanya for the past 29 years and has two adult children, Ashlee and Austin.


Creative Arts & Video


Communications & Production


Worship Arts & Multisite


Marketing Strategy & Spiritual Development


Experience Architect & Guest Services


Coach Next Assistant

Dive into the Creative Cohort

This Creative Coaching process is facilitated by practitioners, those like yourself who are actually in the trenches executing within the local church context weekly. This is designed to push you towards execution, not just philosophy. With this in mind, we strongly encourage everyone to invest the full six months in growing yourself and your leadership.

  • Initial 3-Day onsite in Las Vegas
    • Practical Teaching
    • Special guests for relevant topics
    • The opportunity for transparent and candid discussion with other leaders who think and lead like you
    • Focused attention on your key challenges and a committed group to share that leadership journey with you
    • Supporting books
    • Facilitated Cohort Conversations
    • Tours of local churches and entertainment venues

Join our next Creative Cohort March 3-5, 2019 in Las Vegas!

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Experience Architects

First Impressions Matter and are Largely Irreversible…

Each week, guests arrive at your church campus based on an invitation extended to them. From that moment on, it is our responsibility to have environments that are welcoming and engaging. Experience Architects exists to assess your team in order to optimize your current environments. With over 20 years of experience, we bring an objective eye while providing expert recommendations to enhance your first impression and take your impact to the next level.

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